Ruud Harrewijn

R.H.Consultancy is a management company that specializes in representing professional basketball USA and EURO players throughout the world.

Under the direction of the Company's President, Ruud Harrewijn , the services provided by R.H.Consultancy range from the day-to-day logistics of career management to contract negotiation and long-term career counselling. Finding the best place for a client to play and the best contract solution for the player as well as the Club.. R.H.Consultancy values personal attention and places special emphasis on the full development of a client's professional opportunities.

Since the 30th of march 2007 Ruud Harrewijn (Company's President ) is a FIBA licensed Agent. License number: 2007108121. Also member of A.E.B.A. (Agent Association). He successfully passed the test at the FIBA Headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland. R.H.Consultancy is one of the first companies worldwide that has a FIBA certified Agent.

FIBA Licensed Agent

FIBA, which is responsible for basketball affairs worldwide, organized the first runs for the certification of agents in FIBA basketball over the past two days.

In the past there have been no regulations for agents working in basketball. The FIBA wants to improve its own services and become more professional with the agent certification process, they also want to make our work more transparent to the outside.

R.H.Consultancy is a truly "global" company with representatives throughout the world.

Unlike other leading management companies, R.H.Consultancy specializes in basketball. Today the company works with a select group of players in Europe. In this way R.H.Consultancy and its experienced representatives are able to personally address their client's needs immediately and professionally. Professional basketball is truly an international business. In order for a player to maximize all of his or her opportunities it is absolutely essential for a player to have the right representation. Due to the tremendous global reach of the Company it is more than capable of finding "the perfect place" for a player to work.

Based out of the Netherlands, and with representatives all over Europe and the USA, R.H.Consultancy is an "insider" in all major basketball circles having experienced representatives with the ability to speak numerous languages and negotiate contracts all over the world. In addition, R.H.Consultancy successfully seeks out various endorsement opportunities for its clients on international, national and local levels with a wide array of companies and corporations.