About R.H. Consultancy


What Does R.H. Consultancy:

-Advice to (sport)organizations
-Technical advice
-Building up the orginisation
-Advise players and coaches

Which Orginizations Uses R.H. Consultancy

-All basketballclubs in The Nederlands
-Different coaches/organisations in Europe
-Agents in Europa en USA
-Coaches of Universities
-Prominent working in Belgium, Germany,Portugal, France, Austria,
-Italy and Spain.

-Who is your contact person?

-Name : Ruud Harrewijn
-Born: 3 July 1948
-Married + 1 daughter
-Nationality : Dutch/French

-Fysical Education Teacher
-Head-Coach Basketball License

-Player experience:
-75 National Team games
-16 years player of Top Division in The Netherlands
-1 year France Racing Club de Paris
-Several European Cup and European Championship games

-Head-Coach-experiance :
-5 year Head-Coach National Team of the Netherlands (Man) 84 International games!!
-2 European Championships
-1 World Championship
-2 pre-Olympic Tournaments
-5 years experience as Head-Coach by the 3 Top Teams in the Netherlands with several Europe Cup games.
-4 years Head-Coach of lower Teams in The Netherlands

Working With Other Agents Is Very Important.

Hereby the exclusive Partners:

Greece / Cyprus - Alexandros Katsaros

Other Countries - Hugo Harrewijn

United States - Different USA Agents, some exclusive for some Countries!