Peter Öqvist


Date of birth
Last team
:   Unavailable
:   Swedish
:   January 6, 1976
:   Sundsvall Dragons ( Sweden )


CV Peter Öqvist
Name:                Peter Öqvist (Oeqvist)
Date of birth:     Jan 6, 1976
Family status:   Partner with Linda, 2 children, daughter Leah and son Jack.
First Position:        Head Coach
Second Position:  Assistant Coach
Languages spoken:     English, fluent in both speaking and writing.
                                          Swedish, native.
Education:                  Göteborgs Folkhögskola Coach Education.
(1 year fulltime studies in coaching and human biology in Gothenburg)
                        GIH, Gymnastik och Idrottshögskolans Tränarprogram
(2 year fulltime studies at the Swedish sports university coaching education.)
Umeå Universitet, Practical Coaching, Nutrition
(1 year studies in coaching and nutrition and pedagogy at the University of Umeå)
Swedish Basketball Associations Förbundstränarutbildning.
And numerous Camps and Clinics attended through the years.
Philosophy:                         Believer in a system and team oriented style of basketball. Tactically a defensive minded philosophy with strong team defence as a high priority. Has had success with a fast paced, mobile offence with interchanging positions to explore mismatches efficiently. Also has had success with a possession controlled, two center high-low oriented system.
                                            Always striving to perfect the practice system and balance between individual, team and physical development in the group.
Achievements:                    Has been in the Swedish finals in 2008, 2009 and 2011, Champion in 2009 and 2011.
Swedish Basketligan Regular Season Runner-Up -05
Swedish Basketligan Finalist -05, -08
Head Coach: Swedish Basketligan All-Star Game -07
Swedish Basketligan Semi-finals -07 All-Swedish Basketligan Coach of the Year -08
Swedish Basketligan Regular Season Champion -08, -11
Swedish Basketligan Champion -09, -11
Jupiter award winner, Swedish federations award to best defensive team-08
Career:                               Player: 188-G:
1998-1999: Umea Nordics
1999-2000: Molndals Kvarnby Evergreens: 1.1ppg
Player and coach
2000-2001: KFUM Umeå: 9.3ppg
Coach Assistant:
2002-2003: KFUM Lidingo
2003-2004: Sundsvall Dragons
2004-2005: Sundsvall Dragons
Head Coach:
2005-2006: Sundsvall Dragons
2006-2007: Sundsvall Dragons
2007-2008: Sundsvall Dragons
2008-2009: Sundsvall Dragons

2009-2010: Sundsvall Dragons
2010-2011: Sundsvall Dragons
2011-2012: Sundsvall Dragons
Coach Assistant National Teams
2002 Head Coach for Regional National team
2003 Sweden U15
2004 Sweden U20
2005 Sweden U20 Combined with Head Coach Assignment
2006 Sweden U20
                                               Head Coach National Team
                        2011 Icelandic NT
                        2012 Icelandic NT