Casper Wildemast

Position: C

Date of birth
:   Available
:   Dutch
:   January 11, 1995
Last team
:   7'2"
:   253 lbs
:   T&T Turnhout ( Top Division Men2 Belgium)


Position: Center
Height: 2.17m/7’2”
Weight: 115 kg  gained 10 kg Muscle this season!
Wingspan: 2.28m/7’5” Nationality: Dutch (EU)
Date of Birth: 11th of January 1995 

 Address:  Heeze, The Netherlands

Casper Wildemast is marked as one of the Netherlands’ most promising young bigmen with his size and his ability to score in the low-post position with his signature hook shot. A true five who always been an attacking threat to any type of defender. On the other hand his ability to defend the paint with his long arms and height had him averaging over 2 blocks per game during his young career. He defines his vision on the game with his ability to rebound defensive as well as offensively. Although he’s extremely long he’s able to run the floor like a deer and has a work ethic like an animal.

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2018-2019 T&T Turnhout ( Top Division Men2 Belgium )  : 15ppg, 11 rpg,3 blpg, 2 apg.

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2009-2012: EiffelTowers Den Bosch YouthAcadamy U16/U18 (THE NETHERLANDS) 15PPG 8RPG 4BPG 2APG FG60%
Led the youthteams to 3 finals and 2 championships

2012-2013: Cajasol Sevilla U18/Liga EBA (SPAIN)
13.3PPG 7.2RPG 2.13BPG 1.3APG FG62.9%
Led the juniorteam to the final of the championship tournament

2013-2014: Future College Prep Los Angeles (USA)
14PPG 8.1RPG 2.3BPG 1.3APG FG64.5%
Led the team to victories over various prep programs and with recent NBA players (a.o. Findlay Prep Las Vegas)

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2012: Varese International U18 Club Tournament (ITALY)
16PPG 11RPG 3.5BPG 2.5APG FG72%
Led EiffelTowers Den bosch to the Final 4 of the tournament including mentionable teams like: Montepaschi Siena, EA7 Milan, Virtus Bologna, various national teams U20

2013: NJIT Hospitalet U18 Euroleague (SPAIN)
11PPG 5.5RPG 1.8BPG 0.8APG FG67%
Led Cajasol Sevilla to the Final 4 of the tournament by a.o. winning against DKV Joventud U18 who won the Euroleague and Spanish championship that year. Mentionable teams participating: Real Madrid, Barcelona, KK Split, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Olimpija Ljubljana

2013: Copa de Andalucia U18 (SPAIN)
24PPG 9RPG 3BPG 0.8APG FG77%
Led Cajasol Sevilla to win the cup. Led the team to a victory in a thriller of a game with 18PTS 6REB 3BLK against Unicaja Malaga in the final with Domantas Sabonis on their roster

2016: China Tour with the “Showcase American Team” (CHINA)
19PPG 10RPG 3BPG 1.2APG FG63%
Traveled 3 months through China from city to city to play against 21 different CBA/NBL teams with a team of NBA/D-league players for exposure and experience. Ended the trip with 2/3 wins in exhibition games against the Chinese National Team

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Kristaps Porzingis: “Casper is a great teammate with a suburb feeling for the game. He is an intriguing offensive player who can attack the paint as good as guard it using his size and skill. I always felt very comfortable playing with him in Spain and having him as my roommate and very good friend.” (+34664627865)

Brock Gillespie: “Casper is a true 5 who uses his length in a smart way, being a killer in the pain with his hookshot. Great defensive skills in and around the paint known for his blockshot. Always works hard and never complains. Great person with great potential, smart minded and a nice personality.” (+17135623364 or

Marty Gillespie: “Casper has a soft touch for the ball and good shot timing. Great potential and ability to run the floor up and down. True 5 who can play with his back to the basket and open up on the block. Decent midrange shot. Great shotblocker because of his long arms and timing.” (

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Cajasol Sevilla U18 (Spain) Copa de Andalusia 13 (No. 18 Blue)

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Future College Prep (USA) season '13-'14 (No. 45 Orange) (1:00) (4:10) (0:32)

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Practice with LSU Tiger/Orlando Magic Geert Hammink November ‘15

“Showcase American Team” vs Chinese National Team summer 16 (No. 18 Blue)