Daniel William

Position: PF / SF

Date of birth
:   Available
:   USA / Cotonou
Last team
:   6'8"
:   190 lbs
:   Mid America Christian Univ' 2019


Hi, my name Is Daniel William and I’m a 6ft 8in forward basketball player from Mid America Christian University. My school is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in the United States and will be graduating in May. I will be pursuing a professionally basketball career and would like if you represented me. I was born in Sudan, Africa and because of the Cotonou agreement I can be viewed not an import to European Union countries. Which in turn provides more opportunities for me to find a team/club.

Below I will provide a quick highlight tape of my senior season and as well as my resume, which has links to more highlight videos on my YouTube. Please contact me back when your available!

Basketball Resume.pdf